…so no senior is alone and hungry

Good Hair Day

“Thank you. I needed this more than you know. It is nice to feel special.”

-Mr. John

“Thank you for the wonder treat! My hair looks great and the lunch was so wonderful!”

-Ms. Joanne

Good Hair DayFor the last 11 years, the Glen Alan Salon has hosted MMOW’s Good Hair Day. Glen and his staff open on a Monday to provide services and lunch for our participants. This is such a wonderful treat for our participants who seldom have the opportunity to venture out. This special day of pampering has become a favorite event for everyone.

Participant Testimonials

Ms. Ruth’s daughter

Just wanted you all to know how sweet everyone has been to mother. Her day revolves around the MMOW ladies and gents. They give her a reason to get up and get dressed. She loves them all. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do to accommodate the shut-ins. God bless each of you.

Mr. Joe

Thank you for all the presents you sent. You used good judgement. I appreciate the organization. It was wonderful that you remembered my precious dog, Lady, too. I’m so glad you all keep me from going hungry. P.S. I joke a lot with some of the volunteers, and sometimes I get a little corny. I want to take this opportunity to say once again how much I appreciate each and every one of them. They not only bring food, but good cheer. Some of the angels even help with jobs around my house. I love to share my eggs with them when the hens cooperate! I love you all.

Ms. Lilian

Thank you for all the support and all of the love. From my father’s heart and mine!

Good Hair DayMr.Robert

The daily contact with the MMOW delivery volunteers is Mom’s lifeline. She is thrilled with the personal visits and the meals.

Mr. and Mrs. O

To those dear ones that donate their time and effort for others that have a need of help. Those that come to my home are friendly and kind. I appreciate the time for those who give to all who need the cooked food and surprises. This means so much to me. We don’t go much. We are new here, don’t know very many people here. It so good for someone to say hello and ask how are you doing? We appreciate all the effort and help you give us.

Ms. Maedene

I want to thank you for what you have done—and the things that you did for me at Christmas and for my birthday card. It’s nice to be remembered. Thank you, and my God bless and keep you to continue doing what you’re doing.

Ms. Fay

Because of special people like you, I can stay in my home longer.  Words cannot thank you all for the help and the lovely Christmas gifts.

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