…so no senior is alone and hungry


MMOW’s Philosophy is Unique

From our beginning in 1980, MMOW has built a people-centered program on a foundation of community support rather than state and federal programs. This means:

  • MMOW participants do not have to meet age requirements
  • MMOW participants do not have to meet financial guidelines
  • MMOW participants only need to be in our geographical area and to either:
    • Be unable to consistently cook and shop for themselves or,
    • Be isolated and alone for extended periods dues to physical limitations

Community support is the hallmark of MMOW. It enables MMOW to serve all who need assistance without regard to age or financial circumstance.

Community support is the basis of MMOW programs such as:

  • Holiday Stocking Tree – ensuring our participants are not forgotten during the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays
  • Staples for Seniors – providing monthly deliveries of shelf staple food and household supplies
  • Nutritional Supplements – providing additional nutrition such as Ensure and Boost to those who need it

At MMOW our focus is personal.  Everyone we serve is someone’s mother, father, child, sibling, aunt, uncle, cousin, or neighbor.


Metroport Meals On Wheels is a community based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established on April 1, 1980 as Roanoke Meals On Wheels. It started in the kitchens of Kelly Bradley and her friends who saw neighbors in need and took action.

As word spread, MMOW mentored volunteers who wanted to form meal programs in their communities. In 1992, these efforts came together under the Metroport banner.

In response to requests from active seniors, MMOW implemented the senior center lunch program in 1981 in Roanoke. Today, MMOW’s luncheons are special events for seniors in more than ten communities with attendance ranging from 30 to 150+ seniors per luncheon.

What began as concerned neighbors cooking and delivering a weekly meal to elderly or sick neighbors has grown into a strong organization that has provided over 1,200,000 meals to participants in three counties.

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