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Staples For Seniors Partner

Staples for Seniors delivers special bags of food and household supplies to seniors’ doors every month. These shelf-stable breakfast and dinner meals supplement the hot, home-delivered meals and ensure that something good to eat is always readily available. This program gives a major boost to seniors’ budgets, freeing up money that would normally be spent on groceries to provide for medication, transportation, utilities, and other essentials.
In early winter, MMOW delivers a special package of shelf-stable meals called Winter Meals so that our participants have several meals in the pantry if bad weather makes the roads unsafe for daily deliveries.

In the summer, our participants also receive a special package called Beat the Heat, consisting of fresh fruit, water, and electrolyte powders to help combat the risk of dehydration in extreme Texas temperatures.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Beat the Heat provides fresh fruits, water, and electrolyte powders for summer delivery.

Winter Meals provides shelf stable meals for when volunteers cannot deliver due to inclement winter weather conditions.

Pantry Sponsor for 1 Month, 2 Weeks, or 1 Week allows MMOW to purchase proteins, Boost, Ensure, and other shelf stable items needed for the monthly care package that have been depleted, yet are needed to maintain adequate senior nutrition requirements.

2019 Partnership Opportunities

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