…so no senior is alone and hungry


Rene Tielkemeier

Testimonials“I have volunteered with MMOW for more than 28 years. All 3 of my children have grown up delivering with me and have learned a true appreciation for seniors through this. My husband looks forward to the Golf Tournament each year. I know that the reason I have stayed a volunteer for so long is that each month when I deliver, I come away feeling truly blessed. What the Seniors give back to me in their smiles, hugs, stories and positive attitudes is more than I could ever give to them. They have taught me how to grow older with grace, dignity and humor. I plan to be a MMOW volunteer for the rest of my life, God willing! Thank you for all you do to keep this a fun and loving organization!”


Dennis and Darlene Medrick

“We enjoy volunteering for MMOW and getting to know the people. They seem to be glad to see us at their door saying ‘Meals on Wheels.’ And a couple of them will let us know if we’re late.”


Cheri Hendrickson

Testimonials“Volunteering is very fulfilling for me. Many [meal recipients] are shut-ins and don’t get to see people on a regular basis. It makes me happy to do this.”


Cyrus Farver

“I love to find special things to talk about. One gentleman loves the Rangers. We had lots of fun conversations last year! He loves Josh Hamilton and I can’t wait to talk with him about the 4 home run game!


Carol Simon

Testimonials“I love talking to the seniors. They most often have interesting things to share. I feel like ‘my smiling face’ and upbeat attitude brings something positive to their day.”


Mollie Whiteis

“There’s real satisfaction because the meal participants are so thankful. You get your reward every time you hand one of them a meal.”


Julie Montgomery

“I enjoy [volunteering] because I’m giving something back. I love talking to people. My dad is going through a lot so I know how much it means to be able to help.”


Jan VanFleet

“When I drive, I love the happy expressions, the bear hugs, and how much [the seniors] consider us as part of their families. It’s just so meaningful.”

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